Sophie Brussaux / Visual Artist


In addition to new original works, the pieces we photographed include ‘Icons with a Purpose’ – a collaboration with Toronto’s Design Exchange Museum showcasing industry leaders using their platforms to make an impact and working towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Digital Remastering

To best relate the in-person aesthetics of each painting our team had to remaster the captured photographs. The process involved optimisations for digital distribution that update the original images for display on screens.

Slide the image from left to right to see how the process improves the display of this example – the original photograph is on the left and the remastered version is on the right.

Behind The Scenes

This shoot entailed photographing the artist’s canvas paintings to digitise them for online distribution as Non Fungible Tokens as well as portraits depicting the artist with her works.

We captured behind-the-scenes footage through scaffolding-mounted time-lapse photography as well as film using multiple time-synced cameras.