Creative Accelerator

We help companies get immediate access to the creative potential of their brand.

Accelerated Production

We take a curatorial approach to pairing seasoned creative professionals (Mentors) with emerging talent (Mentees) for single-day production blocks (‘Jam Sessions’) at our professional fully-equipped studios in downtown Toronto.

Jam Sessions = Assets

Sponsor companies designate themes for creatives to produce work – often pairing concepts with specific product samples or media and carte blanche for creative interpretation.

Jam Sessions result in film and photography assets which are owned by the Sponsor company – they can be used for internal innovation and inspiration or directly for marketing purposes.

Why We Do it

Reviving values of the Italian Renaissance, this Accelerator leverages Sponsor patronage to not only pay Mentees for their creativity but give them experiences they can learn through and leverage as portfolio work.

Work With Us


Let’s explore new creative territory outside of conventional campaign-based agency commissions.


Ever wished for true freedom to express your vision on the fly with cutting edge tools?

About StartWell

StartWell was founded in 2017 to enable innovation through collaboration. We have helped companies scale in all senses – from headcount to annual recurring revenues. The successes we’ve celebrated have always seen new relationships formed allowing people to create value together.

Our Studio Spaces

With over 10,000 square feet of film, photo and audio production space and equipment at a single campus, StartWell Studios is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic resource to creators.